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mission for health. the first rain of the season has definitely arrived. how long will it last and how much will we get out of the system? >> reporter: and we have dangerously slick conditions out on the roadways this morning. we'll give you an idea of some of the trouble spots, tell you about the roadways an some of the accidents we're seeing -- and some of the accidents we're seeing. [ cheers ] >> game over! >> it all comes down to game 7. the cardinals and giants will play tonight. >> reporter: the clock is ticking to register for the
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upcoming presidential election. we'll tell you about the special arrangements being made to accommodate voters. "mornings on 2" starts right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. our top story this morning, the first significant rainfall of the season. we have team coverage. steve's tracking the storm. sal's watching the roads. let's go first to alex savidge covering the biggest problems and road problems. >> reporter: within the last half-hour or so, we saw a heavy downpour come through marin county, where we've been. these are the northbound lanes of 101 coming toward us here. whenever you get significant rainfall and the rain just started to come down very
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heavy, just within the last half-hour, you can see some of that standing water starting to build up on the section of the roadway, cars coming through here seeing some folks slowing down. i want to show you what the scene looked like. here is some video, cars coming through this area. there wasn't a whole lot of standing water. according to a spokesperson for the chp that talked with here in the marin area, he told me, really, they don't have too much in the way of significant problems. so it seems like folks are taking it easy. there are other weather-related problems. we have video from this morning. that's caused a power outage near brookwood and highway 12. we're told by pg&e fewer than 100 customers at this point without power. but another issue associationed with the rain this morning. but the problems -- associated with the rain this morning.
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but the problems, there are spinouts and according to the chp nothing too significant. if you are driving this morning, you want to slow down and take it easy out there because there are some patches with standing water that could be potentially dangerous. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we'll go to steve and sal for the latest traffic and weather. you can always track the weather where you live at and ktvu mobile. well president obama and mitt meet tonight. it's the final debay -- and mitt romney meet tonight. it's the final debate. this debate will focus on foreign policy. we'll bring you the latest poll numbers heading into the debate tonight. back mere at home, today is your -- back here at home, today is your last day to register to vote.
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janine de la vega is live in san jose right now. i know you are talking to people about the upcoming elections. are most people aware of the deadlines? >> reporter: no, they are not. we've been driving around san jose talking to people as they are getting their moving cup of coffee and we've been asking them have they registered to vote. no, they didn't know today was the last day. the office in san jose will be open at 8:00 a.m. and stay open until midnight to register. people come to the polls here, and during the last one in 2008, 86% of the registered voters cast their ballot. several people we spoke to were interested in voting on prop sixes which funded education. whichever the issue, the voters
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want their voices heard. >> i think everybody should vote with whoever they think this gonna be the best. because if you don't vote, you are letting the -- the majority of them win. you are not putting in your two cents. >> reporter: a total of 7% of people registered in the county have voted. if you are interested in having your voice heard, there are three locations you can go to. the register's office in san jose is opened from 8:00 a.m. until midnight and the community center in morgan hill on monterey road as well as the christian reform church on oraetradero road will be open from 4:00 p.m. to midnight. coming up in the next hour, we'll head to the registrar's office and talk to the registrar of office and talk about the plans and the big push to get people to register to vote. reporting live from san jose, back to you. >> all right, janine. it will be a full house at at&t park tonight.
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the giants and the cardinals play one more game for the right to go to the world series. >> another strikeout for vogelsong. >> ryan vogelsong was incredible. pitched a great game. struck out nine for a career high. his teammates gave him all of the support he needed with a four-run second inning, including marco scutaro's two- run double. and steve says there is a chance for off-and-on showers tonight. so be aware. allie rasmus is already at at&t park this morning. she will bring us a live report at 7:30. you can watch game 7 right here on ktvu channel 2. we'll have a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news as 4:00 p.m. that will be -- at 4:00 p.m. that will be followed by the
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fox pregame show at 4:30. >> a lot going on tonight. a lot going on on the roads. let's check in with sal. >> it's been a rainy morning:avenue dash morning. we've had a lot of -- rainy morning. we've had a lot of slow traffic. there's slow traffic on 80 to pin nome and richmond. want to get to the toll plaza. it's been heavy. it has not been as bad as when we've had crashes. i don't want to freak you out too much. but you should get out on the road if you can. and northbound 280 traffic is -- it is very slow in the south bay. i want to mention that caltrain has some delays there. there's our camera. it's back. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. this is the first rain coming through. very fresh atmosphere, cleaning
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things out. some of that rain has been moderate to heavy. almost impossible. sun, clouds, showers, two of the three, all of the above. it could be raining near at&t. but they will play. they will play. good thing they are not playing now we would have some delays. this is the cool air coming through. cool and breezy. san francisco's picked up .75 of rain. our observer with the up to date rainfall totals -- up-to- date rainfall totals. the heaviest rain will be in the north bay. but there's some areas that are really starting to pick up. sin noel, fremont, milpitas, there's more off the coast. half moon bay, also picking up in intensity. for us, our concern is not only for the rains but what is coming up upstream. eureka, fort bragg mendocino
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county, .75. snow is going on the sierra nevada and will continue to pick up. 31 at blue canyon. the wind advisories are out. winter storm warnings. that's the cool, unstable air that comes in tonight. that's what makes me nervous. that's one of those hit-and- miss deals. the wind is still out of the southeast. the storm front has not gone through. morning rain, windy, cooler. some sunbreaks. we'll cloud it up and get some showers and temperatures really on the cool side with a lot of 60s. this is the main front. there could be another front. we went kind of unsettled. the morning lows will be very, very cool, thursday, friday, and then saturday, warm and then sunday, increasing clouds.
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who knew what about osama bin laden? a new report reveals whether neighbors of the terrorist leaders were aware of his hideout. and what prompted a family to shoot a 9-year-old girl thinking she was a 9-year-old girl?
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7:12. a judicial commission in pakistan just finished an investigation of the raid that
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killed osama bin laden. the commission spent the last year and a half questioning military officers, the wives of bin laden and people who live in the pakistani town where bin laden lived for more than five years. the report concludes, no one in the town new bin laden was living there with them. it also says in the weeks before he was killed -- knew bin laden was living there with them. it also says in the weeks he was killed he was afraid so he would not go out in the courtyard. tonight, mitt romney and president obama face off in the third and final debate. the topic -- foreign policy. jamie dupree joins us via skype with more. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning. we're at lynn university in boca raton, florida.
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bob schieffer will be the moderator. two of these topics deal with the middle east and terrorism. one on afghanistan, one on china. and one on the broader topic of the role of america in the world in terms of foreign policy. so just about everyone under the sun and i expect libya, the attack in libya that filled four americans. >> now, foreign policy normally favors the incumbent because they have had to deal with those ires. is that the case this time, though? >> reporter: yeah. look, there's thanks could come up that would obviously benefit the president. there's also the questions about libya, the broader unrest in the middle east. also, the issue of china and
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train will come up. here in florida, not as much but in ohio, you can hear more ads accusing the other about not doing enough when it comes to confronting china. so look for a little bit of the economy to leak into the debate. and both men will have the chance to speak to 65 million people before election day. >> and there's concern over the mod rater. can you explain? >> reporter: bob sheer is gonna take a lot of -- bob sheer is gonna take a lot of -- bob schieffer is gonna take a lot of flack tonight. he's a great guy but four, eight years ago, there were a lot of democrats who didn't like the idea that he was gonna be the moderator in 2004 and
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2008. why? well, bob schieffer's brother was actually a u.s. ambassador in the bush administration in australia and japan. so there were a lot of people who felt he would not be on the straight and narrow. so far, it's not been an easy job to be a moderator in these debates. >> no, it has not. and we'll be watching it closely. jamie dupree joining us live from florida. thank you. and you can find a link to jame mip's blog on our website. just go to pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. we'll be covering the debate at kicu because game 7 will be airing here on ktvu. 7:16. details coming in about the funeral services for the late south dakota senator george mcgovern. a public view something planned for thursday at a church in sioux falls, south dakota. the funeral will be on friday. he represented south dakota for three terms in the u.s. senate. he spoke south against the
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vietnam war during his -- he spoke out against the vietnam war during nixon soundly defeated him. mcgovern was 90 years old. a 9-year-old girl is in a pittsburgh, pennsylvania hospital after confusion over a halloween costume she was wearing. this happened in freedom, pennsylvania. she was dressed up as a skunk, wearing a black costume with a black hat and a white tassel. police say one of her family members mistook her for a real skunk and fired a shot at her with a shot gun. she was hit in the shoulder, the arm, the back. police say the family men was not drunk. no word if he will face charges. yesterday afternoon, in the parking lot of the laundromat on freedom boulevard police say
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a man pulled out a gun over an argument about a noisy child. if you have any information call police. yahoo!'s ceo is expected to share her plans to turn around the internet company this afternoon. she's doing it during a conference call with investors. it's scheduled to take place after the stock markets close. the stocks will focus on third quarter earnings. your time now, 7:18. the ipad had mini is expected to be -- the ipad mini is expected to be launched tomorrow. there will be mac computers, mac laptops and minis. they will probably be a lot faster and have more graphics. they are expected to have a 7- inch screen and cost about $200 left than the ipad.
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there's a new study out that may be bad news for microsoft that show most companies don't plan on being adopters for the windows 8 operating system. business leaders say there's no word when this will occur. alameda county sheriff deputies say a driver was speeding and lost control after going over railroad tracks. the car crashed into a parked minivan and a second car was damaged. the driver was taken to jail and a passenger was treated for minor injuries. a group of people out to rob a man in richmond ended up shooting him. this was at the north richmond ball field next to verde elementary school. the contra costa times reports
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three ganged up on one man. there was a struggle over a gun. the victim was shot in the leg. a search is on for a 15- year-old pet luma girl missing for five days. police say ruby cruz mendosa was last seen getting into her -- into her car with her godfather. investigators are focusing the search for the pair in the central valley along highway 99 and independent state 5 corey -- and the interstate 5 corridor. in case you didn't know, we had rain. this is what we have. steve tracking the storm for you, watching radar, he will tell you when and where the storm will clear out. and changes are coming to some big airports. why controversial body scanners are being replaced in favor of new machines.
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it's a pretty rainy commute. we'll tell you where the trouble spots are and how to save time on your way to work. h
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in florida, that blimp- liked a was forced to make an emergency landing. now, mitt romney's is on the sign of that thermal airship that says "america needs romney." it was flying and reportedly high winds forced it to make an emergency landing. no injuries were reported. transportation security administration is removing their controversial body scanner machines from some major airports. the machines will be moved from high traffic airports and put into smaller airports. the larger airports will get newer machines that display a
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generic drawing. the tsa says the new machines will get travelers through machines more quickly. 7:23. we have rain, slick roads and sal, you are watching all kinds of things. how is 880 doing. it's gonna be slow, dave. we had a new accident reported northbound. 880 near high street. it looks like we could have a -- we have had a few fender- benders. people are pulling off the road and taking reports in the rain. that type of thing. the metering lights are dash crash on. they came on early and the traffic has been backed up like this for the last hour and a half an the commute on the marin county freeway. southbound 101 very slow from right at 37 down to the san rafael area. no problems on the richmond bridge but across the bay and then highway 4 is extra slow
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this morning out of antioch. but also this morning all the way from concord. 7:24. let's go to steve. well, the first rain of the season. it usually shows up sometime late september. it is here. talk about a gray day. the update is sausalito. .92 coming down pretty good. santa rosa has probably had an inch. san francisco, more than .75. a pretty good part of the system is coming in across half moon bay. janice down towards fremont, niles, union city, reporting about 30 minutes of steady rain. you can see there's intense bands coming in.
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actually from portola, and then right there, daly city, san francisco. all wait down to half moon bay. we'll keep an eye on that. baxter, 3900 feet. that's a fix there and then it turns to snow as it heads to blue canyon. around baxter, things start to change. we'll probably see a mix of rain/snow. our system is continuing to blast through right now. very cold unstable air comes in behind that. the wind has really cranked up. it's still out of the south- southeast. 60s on the temperatures. you know, honestly, i wish coy give you a 100% confidence rating on the giants' game. they will play. in they were playing -- if they were playing now, yes, there would be issues. it looks sunny toward the end of the week. >> thank you, steve. a number of fans led agray a san jose -- led away from a
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san jose earthquakes game in handcuffs. the scuffle that led people away in a scuffle. >> reporter: we're live with the storm here and we'll tell you about the flooding an inconvenience that's hit people already this morning.
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good morning. rain moving through. lesser amounts south. but the system is moving south. so rain rates picking up. and right now. traffic is going to be a little bit slow around the bay area as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see some brake lights. in case you have not heard, the san mateo bridge did reopen on time. but because of the wet commute, we've had some slowdowns here, also on the dumbarton bridge and we've had some slowdowns as you drive along the peninsula. let's go to tara with a power outage update. tara? >> reporter: traffic is doing well at this hour.
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it's still sprinking. earlier, this created headaches for computers northbound 880 at the split. two lanes were flooded. so caltrans crews got busy. we've also had power outages in oakland as sal mentioned. nearly 2,000 people had no electricity. just before 3:30 this morning, pg&e says that number is down to 3,000 customers. officials are looking into the possibility that the outage was weather related. rain is expected to wednesday ending a six-month period of dry weather. in the sierras, snow is expected. it may not be enough for ski resorts to open early. forecasters say it would be nice if we can make assumptions
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about this, but it's not the -- it's not the case. police in pittsburgh are searching for the person who killed a man overnight. it happened around 9:30. police are not sure if the unidentified victim was shot shot and stabbed. there will be an autopsy tomorrow. if you have any information, you are asked to call pittsburg police. a sexual fantasy leak at piedmont high school has been exposed. it involves student athletes and it's been happening for years. coming up at 7:45, why the principal says students will not be disciplined. extra police officers rushed into yesterday. they controlled violent soccer fans apartment a san jose earthquakes games. the fight started during a match against the l.a. galaxy in santa clara. police say some of those fans attacked the police. about 100 galaxy fans were kicked out of the stadium.
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>> what i saw was unnecessary police brutality. >> stop resisting. >> you are under arrest. >> i didn't do anything. >> you are now. >> police arrested at least seven people. the earthquakes tied the galaxy, 2-2 in the game. they are finishing up their regular season. their first playoff game is november 7th. before the soccer match, there was this, a ground- breaking ceremony for the earthquakes' stadium right near the airport. the wrecking ball was painted like a soccer ball and it hit the ground and you can see the fans shoveling the dirt. that set the guinness record for the number of people participating at a ground breaking. the new stadium is set to open in 2013. can they pull off another amazing comeback? the giants are one one away from the world series.
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they conwon their game last night. allie rasmus has more live from the field that will be filled tonight. >> reporter: one game away from the world series. that game game will happen later tonight. you can expect the fans will be just as enthusiastic today as they were yesterday. let's show you the video from game 6. this is what at&t park looked like. giants fans were loud. noise in the call bark was deafening -- noise in the ballpark was deafening. they had a lot to cheer about. the giants got off to a very good start, scoring a run in the 1st inning and then they more than quadrupled that lead in the 2nd inning scoring four rains. they stayed ahead of the cardinals. >> this is giants. they do this torture to us.
7:35 am
they bring us to this. they make it tough but they pull through. >> the giants play with the chemistry. they are so talented. they come three back and they just beat you. >> reporter: ryan vogelsong was the star pitcher. he a career high of 9 strikeouts. but surprisingly there are still tickets for game 7 on the secondary market. we checked out some of the prices on stubhub for you. stand- -- standing-room tickets, $118. that's less than what they were for saturday. you will pay more for some of the lower box and club seats. those tickets run from $300, $400, up to $2,000. you don't even have to buy the tickets to see the game. it will be airing on ktvu. the game starts at 5:07. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and you can watch the game
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right here. we'll have a special edition of the news at 4:00 p.m. it will be immediately followed by the fox pregame show at 4:30. again, we're saying the weather change should be fine. maybe some on-and-off showers. we have really good seats. they are almost as good as sal's at the stadium. almost, sal. >> thank you, dave and tori. this morning we have to get through the morning commute. 280 in san jose, northbound, it's pretty slow coming around the corner. these slowdowns are typically what we see, just a little bit more crowded. we've had a bunch of other fender benes. we showed you 280. 85 is pretty slow at the bottom there. 101 is slow near capital expressway up to sunnyvale. we have a lot of slow traffic
7:37 am
from hayward to fremont, it's crawling along. on the peninsula, we have slow traffic. even on highway 92, a lot of people trying to get over the hill and then use 280 and it has been pretty slow. let's go back toot bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 20-minute delay. let's go to steve. >> reporter: thank you, steve. our first cold front of the season. finally, finally. there will be a real freshness to the air but this pattern looks like it will be with us today through wednesday. i tried to do these in descending order. this joe shoemakers -- joe shoemaker came in with the following -- >> some of the heavier amounts have been around the san mateo
7:38 am
coach. cassie jean, i've not heard from her. come on now. what's going on? it looks like rain, moderate rain? and there's been some pretty decent rain from the peninsula to fremont, union city, and then points east. south of that we'll still waiting for the system to slide to the mountains. it's getting there right off the coast. there's orange and red. when up get that on the radar. also up in the sierra nevada. around the 5,000-foot level. 31 degrees. baxter. you can see where the mix begins. it should start -- maybe go up a little bit with the southeast wind. winter storm warnings are out.
7:39 am
it's almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what's going on for game 7. they will play. there will -- that could be showers in the area. 60s on the temperatures. i think they are stuck here for a while. i don't see much of a change through wednesday. clearing out thursday. it does look sunny and warm with your weekend always in view especially as we head into saturday. 7:39. tonight, president obama and mitt romney will meet in florida for their third and final debate. a new "wall street journal" shows they are tied at 47%. alison burns joins you live to explain why with so much at stake viewership may be down tonight. aimlyson? >> reporter: -- alison? >> reporter: tori, there is a lot of sports competition tonight. it is likely to be another testy one. round 3 and the focus tonight
7:40 am
for president obama and mitt romney is foreign policy. on the table, what to do about the war in afghanistan. unrest in the middle east. iran pursuing a nuclear weapon and the presidential handling of the recent crisis in libya. for president obama, one of the biggest challenges will be defining his middle east policy for the next four years. >> he's had some successes. he's had some things that are still pretty murky. >> but romney's challenge could be bigger because his campaign has been largely about the economy. and he's not given many specifics on the foreign policy. >> the republican has not figured out what this looks like after the bush administration. >> reporter: and it looks like obama gets the first strike. his campaign released an ad questioning romney's ability to be commander-in-chief. more on that in my next update.
7:41 am
back to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: you can watch -- >> you can watch the debate tonight live on kicu, our sister station. we'll be -- streaming the debate here live. since the giants won last night, we'll be airing game 7 of the baseball game.
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nissan is recalling nearly 14,000 cars. the japanese automaker says some of its 2012 and 2013 altimas may have bolt can -- can fall out and increase the chance of a car crash. dealers will inspect and tighten the bolts for free. all of the affected cars were built between may 10th and july 26th of this year. some 2011 and 2012 alta mas were recalled --ality -- altimas were recalled for the
7:45 am
same reason. police say 45-year-old radcliffe franklin haughten took a cab to a salon yesterday morning where his estranged wife works. police say he went on a shooting rampage and then set a mallway on fire -- hallway on fire. >> i went to my car, i saw a car girl -- a girl coming out from the salon. she was bleeding mountain neck with a paper -- in the neck -- she was bleeding in the neck with a paper towel over her neck. >> police say the gunman turned the gun on himself. the wife was recently granted a restraining order against him. back here live, chaos m vallejo that turned into the 10th police-involved shooting
7:46 am
of the year. police say two men were fighting when they started to break out car windows and tried to burn down their house. the -- one man put a gun by one of the officer's stomach. the other officer opened fire. >> this usually doesn't happen around here. it was kind of a shock. >> one of the men from that house died. the other was booked into jail. police think they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. it is 7:46. piedmont hool will hold an assembly. varsity athletes drafted female students to their fantasy teams and -- high school will hold an assembly.
7:47 am
varsity athletes drafted female students to their fantasy teams. >> by hope they would -- i would hope they would rethink that and the men would respect the women and think that could be their moms or their sisters. >> the principal said the participation often involved pressure by older students an in some cases alcohol. but the school said no disciplinary action will be taken since the incidents appeared to happen off school ground. a major blow to lance armstrong. he's banned from cycling for life. earlier this morning, the international cycling union president announced that he no longer considers armstrong a
7:48 am
seven-time champion. the decision comes after reports that he was accused of using these performance- enhancing drugs. armstrong denies these claims, saying he passed hundreds of these tests. players allegedly used a banned sticky substance on their hands for better grip, it's reported, the chargers did this. and it's reported that the manager tried to hide the material in towels. they are cooperating with the league. saturday mourning on alhambra road, the chp says a cyclist, a 51-year-old man from benicia was thrown off his bike after the turkeys ran out in front of him. he was wearing a helmet but he suffered head injuries, a broken hip and broken jaw.
7:49 am
he's in the hospital listed in critical condition. an historic church in berkeley was badly damaged over the weekend. it started friday night on the -- at the good episcopal church. a spokesperson said the fire started in the back of the building. now, according to its website, the church was built in 1878. it's the oldest continuously used church in the bay area. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. firefighters in lake county still watching for flareups in the same area where wildfires burned about 300 acres. the fire along highway 29 was actually contained saturday night. one home, several buildings and some cars were destroyed. investigators still want to know how long that fire started. 7:49. santa clara police need your help to low date the driver of
7:50 am
a hit-and-run this month. it happened saturday at the intersection of marion and benton police. police are looking for a bluer black mustang. police say the car likely has front end and windshield damage. witnesses describe the driver -- describe the driver in his 20s. anyone with information is asked to call police. 7:50. deadly crash it happened on the peninsula. why it took more than eight hours for the one survivor to be rescued. plus -- business news for adele. the life-changing event she's now celebrating.
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dish network survivors will be able to see amc, the sun dance channel and "we" tv. that's after the country's third largest tv provider settled its four-year old lawsuit. dish covers many large city, including san francisco. at chp is investigating a fatal crash near half moon bay that left a driver trapped inside a car for more than eight hours. 19-year-old javier officer truhillo's car -- javier
7:54 am
truhillo's rule -- rolled over the road. ellen deagainerrous will receive the mark twain prize. she -- ellen degeneres will receive the mark twain prize. this is the tradition of satire and social economy tari -- commentary. and adele did it! she gave birth to a baby boy. that's according to a family source who is confirming this to "people" magazine. it's the first child for the 24- year-old grammy-award winning singer. no comment on whether the baby is here.
7:55 am
let's check in with sal. >> southbound 101 right there near the golden gate bring. a couple of different crashes reported in the area. southbound 101 is going to be the -- is going to be very slow. a flood of -- a lot of flooding, flooding in san francisco and don't drive into standing water if you can help it. be careful. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. the traffic looks okay. but it's slow heading across to the high rise. it's been slow to 101. on 92 near upper sky line there's some defective traffic signals, actually, near skyline, i should say near 280. and this morning's commute on 280 in san jose has been very slow. southbound 280 has been slow as well. 85 and 101, so the wet weather is not your friend. let's go to steve.
7:56 am
well, rain has now made it to san jose. santa cruz mountains. it took a while before it got there. some of the totals got there. especially from cazadero. it's a brutal forecast. they will play. i just think there will be showers in the area. half moon bay, el granados, montero south is getting rain, some of this rain has picked up in intensity. when you see the red, that means it is heavy. the front's gone through santa rosa. we'll get some sun here for a while and then there's still cloud showers. what about the snow? it was in between baxter and 280. around 4100 feet, 4,000, 4100 feet. that's the mix there when you are seeing the people and then
7:57 am
it turns light. cloudy with rain for the morning an then showers this afternoon. cool and breezy this afternoon. it will look good and then it will cloud up. it will cloud up. 60sen -- 60s on the temperatures. just about 7:57. new developments about that deadly crash that killed a father and his daughter has they rode their bikes in concord. the sentence the teenaged driver could face later this morning. we're on storm watch, tracking all of the flooded roads. the deadline to register for vote for the presidential election is today. we'll tell you everything you need to know including how long the registrar's office will be open today. "mornings on 2" continues.
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good morning. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark.
8:00 am
it's monday, it's october 22nd. we're on storm watch. let's go to alex savidge, live in mill valley. traffic is backed up from one of the many crashes we've been talking about this morning. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning, dave. the rain up here has triggered a series of crashes along 101 through marin county. one of the very -- one of them very serious. it's causing this major backup that you see through mill valley. this starts at the blightsdale exit and it continues through spencer and the waldo tunnel. just got off the phone from a spokesperson from the chp, and he says this accident involves four cars and has the three left lanes blocked at this point. paramedics are still on scene. they are trying to extradite one person from one of those
8:01 am
cars. so obviously -- you can see folks are going nowhere fast. three lanes blocked going south. so next going from marin to san francisco, macing -- facing massive backups. all the result of the weather. we'll have more for you coming up in the forecast. for now we're in mill valley, alex savidge, savidge -- alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. more than 500 customers in san leandro waiting for the crews to get their lights back on. richmond, oakland, each have about 300 customers with no tris. we're gonna go back to steve and sal for all of the latest weather an traffic information. you can also track the weather
8:02 am
where you live at and at ktvu mobile. it is 8:01. the san mateo bridge back open. there's even better news for computers, the bridge will not have to close down next weekend. here's video driving through around 4:00. caltrans had canceled next week pause it said the work was completed. the bridge closed this past friday night. in the coming weeks, caltrans says drivers can expect some sporadic lane closures for finishing touches but that will mostly be done at night. new this morning, sheriff deputies are trying to figure out what happened just moments before a woman died on a beach. deputies found the woman's body yesterday morning in guerneville which is northwest of santa rosa. deputies say the woman was fully clothed and lying face down on the beach. a violent crime unit was called
8:03 am
in to investigate. the incident is being called suspicious. 8:02. you want to vote in the november elections, you have to be registered by tonight. janine de la vega is live at the registrar's office. they just opened their doors. here's more. >> reporter: well, dave, the registrar's office opened just a short time ago, there are signs out here telling people to register, vote inside. they were gonna hold the event outside but because it's sprinkling they moved it inidentify -- indoors. inside the office, the election workers have a table set up and forms ready, so they can cast their ballot. the registrar said he sees an increase in those registering in the county, especially since
8:04 am
people can register online now. since that became available in september, 50,000 new voters have registered here. he says it's a very quick and easy process. it's very important for the ridge -- to the register and have your information yup dated so you have a smooth process on election day. >> reporter: so far more than 41,000 people have mailed back their ballots. so 7% of the people in the valley have already had their voice heard. there is a registrar's office here in san jose, opened from 8:00 a.m. until midnight. the community center on monterey road and the christian community church and those two locations will be open from 4:00 p.m. to midnight. reporting live here in san
8:05 am
jose. prosecutors say giselle esteban killed michelle le last may because she thought le was having an affair with her boyfriend. a teenaged driver from concord who hit and killed a father and daughter on their likes last spring will be sentenced today. the now 18-year-old driver was on street boulevard when the suv killed the man and his 9- year-old daughter. nuri's 12-year-old daughter was also in. >> ed in the accident. the driver was going 72 miles an hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone. he pleaded guilty and could be held in a juvenile detention
8:06 am
center until he's 21. sal is back. this is no commute mess with. >> no, it's not. we're gonna go right to the maps and talk about the marin county there is a multicar crash. there's been several crashes in the area. please give yourself extra time. one of them sowned -- sounded ear just. you have a terrible commute all the way down to the southern end of marin. we also look at very busy traffic from 880, from 238 to from mont. people are driving slower in the rain as what normally hoops on days like this. on 6le 0 -- on 680 it's backed up from danville, from walnut creek to oakland.
8:07 am
p. out to the high rise. it's very, very slow. and in san jose, not only but alsoen in. northbound has improved a little bit. let's go to steve. the front has gun through the north bay. a couple of reports raining cats and dogs out of richmond. i will tell you. it's a broad brush forecast. i think we get sun, sun, clouds, showers, cool, breezy. they will play but i think as the game goes on, i think the skies could get interest. shovel of the -- some of the rainfall totals too busy to update. petaluma, napa. also into occidental. even into men doege --
8:08 am
mendocino. lesser amounts toward the -- toward there. now, the front is morning through. this will slide east and south and to the north. there is a definitely front there. radar is peaking -- is picking up good returns. the front moves through and then we get a break. but still, already popping up, up stream. that will be here late morning, early afternoon. for the sierra nevada from 80 -- in between blue canyon. that's the rain, snow and mixed line is. winter storm line is updated. that's pretty serious. it was 5:00 a.m. now it goes until 11:00 a.m.
8:09 am
on tuesday. on the extended outlook. we have rain today. one more system, wednesday and then that will be a weaker system. clearing thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and then a little warm. a long time coming for the rain for us here and also the snow. brian hickey is live in blue canyon where snow started falling and you look very happy there, wine. >> there -- brian. >> reporter: -- very happy there, brian. >> reporter: yay, who would have thought. we have a good 4 to 6 inches of snow. the snow line converts from rain to snow right around the 4600 to 4,000 foot level and obviously at this point, very much snow. look at our car. urcan see the amount of snow that's picked up on the car. this is at 4:0 a.m.
8:10 am
it's winter here in the sierra. back to interstate 80. plows have been coming through. very slushily, westbound 0, they are still doing all of that road construction. all of that construction there sitting idle covered in so far so good this morning. if i get a big spin out or a jackknife or big rig, that's gonna shut down 880 and caltrans is very aware of the situation. with this whether expected to last through the week, not good news for westbound 80. but on the east side of it sierra they've had a number of points, 17 big rigs.
8:11 am
it's people -- >> is it powdery or -- >> reporter: it's starting to dry up a little bit. this is your classic sierra cement there. good snowball snow. maybe i'll have to give this a snowman here. extending an olive branch how. extending an olive branch. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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8:14 am
all right. rain moving through. although the front has gone through the north bay. the wind has turned wellly. it's raining here. moving south and east with snow up in the sierra nevada. that rain is making it sufficient on bay area commuters as we take a live look at northbound and southbound 101. it looks like southbound 101 near cesar chavez, there's flooding reported there. you can see southbound 101 traffic is very slow trying to get out of town. northbound 101 traffic is okay for now. 8:14. let's go back to the desk.
8:15 am
in finland, a security guard stopped a man with a knife from stabbing fin manned's prime minister. he was campaigning -- finland's prime minister. he was campaigning for upcoming elections. it was confirmed the prime minister was not hurt. in lebanon, there's been a major security operation to contain violence on friday. he was a powerful opponent of syria's government and many lebanons blame syria for the attack. protesters tried to storm the buildings following the funeral service. president obama and mitt romney meet for their third and final debate. sandra endo is live with more. sandra? >> reporter: that's right, tori. foreign affairs will dominate this final showdown and it will be the last time for the
8:16 am
candidates to be on the stage before the voters head to the polls. >> reporter: with troops still in afghanistan unrest in the middle east and concern about iran, foreign policy matters to americans. the obama campaign released a new ad today attacking mott's position. >> president obama ended the iraq war. mitt romney would have left 30,000 troops there. >> reporter: his campaign is trying to paint romney as inept on foreign policy. >> blunder after blunder. iran, no end to the war in afghanistan. >> romney is expected to emphasize his experience as a ceo, to show he's capable of turning around messy sayses -- situations. he will likely continue his
8:17 am
criticism over the u.s. u.s. security -- >> the had has a lot of explaining to do. did he know about the two prior attacks on the consulate, one of which blew a hole in big enough for a truck to go true. -- to go through. in a tight race what happens on the debate stage tonight could have a big impact on who is representing the u.s. on the world stage come january. this time around the candidates will be seated -- will be seated at a table with a moderator. there could be more fireworks tonight. reporting live in bow ta ra tone, florida, back to you. >> thank you. you can catch -- you can watch the debate live at kicu tv36 starting at 6:00 p.m.
8:18 am
we'lling sheriff ross mirror cau rimmy back on the job and reaching out to ed lee to settle their differences. the chronic reports that he wrote a letter to ed low asking for reconciliation. but -- to ed lee asking for reconciliation. mayor lee has not responded. new this morning, russell miens has just died. he grew up in san francisco. he was nationally known as a leading advocate for native- american causes. he led the 1973 take over of a
8:19 am
standoff at the federal government that lasted 71 days. russell means appeared in the last of the mow key kins. he had -- mow hee kins -- the last of the mow kins -- mohekins. this is video where a group displayed video of oscar grant and others killed by downtown police.
8:20 am
gas prices may not feel like it but they are sliding downs can ward. regular gas dropped to 3.67. as -- are sliding downward. regular gas dropped to 3.67. an exciting discovery in one north bay community has neighbors looking for their own souvenirs. >> a few hours ago we were joking about the meteor right hunters and now we're them.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:24 am
a novato woman found a souvenir from space in her yard. >> i got the ladder out and checked it. >> she found a small rock unlike the others in her yard. she says when she discovered -- discovered a magnet would stick to it, she called nasa. scientists are examining the rock and are asking others to look for other pieces of the meteor. 8:24. i'm just gonna step aside. you have so much to talk about. the peninsula is taking a beating. northbound and southbound 280. i want to show you the maps. 2 0 is just a mess through daly city and south san francisco as
8:25 am
you drive to 380 intersection. there was a signal light problem there. there's been various stages of flooding. very, very heavy traffic. and then across the bay, a sea of brake lights from 280 to fremont and northbound 80 backed up in pockets all the way to downtown oakland. this is oakland, too. this is the bay bridge approach. that's backed up for about a 25 to 30-minute wait. we spoke about oakland. look at 880 oakland northbound. if you come to your tv screen. 580 is not backed up into see andro. first rain of the day. first rain of the commute of the fall here, really has traffic messed up here all of the -- all over the place. first rain and decent
8:26 am
totals coming in. west santa rosa, 1.22. i think santa rosa proper, about 1. cazadero, 1.11. napa picked up 1 inch. that's not too shabby. the low that's going to set up here for about three days sends in the first front. about .75 to 1.5, cover egg the spread of .10 to 1. one more testimony could come by onwards morning. redwood city. that's a pretty good little line forming there. the front has moved through. but developing right back to the bridge. you can see the -- that's the line. the front has moved through. you will get some front.
8:27 am
snow in the he seer -- sierra. a little bit west. winter storm warnings. just heard from kristin, five inches of snow. the schools at truckee are canceled for the day. a snow day. heaviest to the north bay. that's winding down. 60s on the temperatures. showers through wednesday and then clearing does look better as we head toward friday and saturday. the season's first big rain causing real headaches for drivers and for homeowners. we're live every place but we'll take you live to oakland. we will check the conditions. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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vote yes on thirty-eight. well, cloudy skies. the rain still some of this rain in the morning. showers in the afternoon. right now, interstate 880 is just a mess coming out of hayward really all the way up through oakland. it says that way into downtown oakland. also 580 is a mess because people have heard about 880
8:31 am
being so bad, they are on 580 from san leandro. so the east bay is a mess. let's go out to tara moriarty. she joins us live from oakland with what's been going on there for that really busy commute. >> it's really busy. right behind me is 880. you can see the traffic is sort of -- is sort of stop and go here. and the drizzle continues. you want to make sure you slow down this morning. there were a couple of accidents on my way to work. so it's a got -- so it's a good idea to go below the speed limit. earlier this morning, two lanes were flooded. in the east bay, there are 14 outages nearly 600 people are without power due to the bad weather. the largest is in oakland affecting 300 customers. pg&e says the power should be back on by 10:00 this morning.
8:32 am
up in the sierra, snow is also expected. it won't be enough for ski resorts to open early but borrio has announced they will open by halloween. the rain has started, ending a six-month dry spell. it can be a miserable commute so be sure to give yourself extra time. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. police in pittsburg are searching for a person who killed a man. it happened on buchanan road around 9:30. police are not sure if the you unidentified victim was shot or stabbed. there will be an autopsy tomorrow. if you have any information, you are asked to call pittsburg police. a driver -- a driver was arrest the in the san lorenzo area. it happened shortly after 2:00 in the morning. the driver was speeding and lot
8:33 am
control -- lost control after going over railroad tracks. the driver was taken to jail and the passenger was treated for minor injuries. a richmond man recovering after being shot outside an elementary school. police say three suspects robbed a man next to verde elementary. it happened yesterday morning. now the unidentified man struggle with the gun that the suspects used to try to rob him. a search continues for a 15- year-old petaluma girl who has been missing for five days. police say rube -- ruby cruz- mendoza. police say the two of them may have been involved in a relationship. investigators are focusing on -- focusing their search along
8:34 am
580. violence in the stands. marta landmark day for the san jose earthquakes. a fight broke out and two smoke bombs went off at the stadium during a match with the l.a. galaxy. police threw about 100 galaxy fans out of the stadium and arrested at least seven people. >> what did i do wrong? >> i don't know. >> no -- fixed the fence out. it's not fair! >> police say they are still looking for a few suspects. the earthquakes tied the galaxy 2-2. they finish the regular season next saturday in portland. before the match, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the earthquake new stadium. a wrecking ball painted like a
8:35 am
soccer ball. and fans shoveled dirt. it set a new record for the number of fans at an opening. the giants beat the cardinals 6-1 last night. it's now down to tonight's game 7 of the national league championship series. the giants play the cardinals one more time for the right to play in the world series. allie rasmus is right outside of at&t park right now. are you feeling the excitement allie? >> reporter: it's still a little early. game time is not until 5:00. giants are just one step away from the world series. they will take that step at home. the lights are inside. we saw the workers in there working. the crowd will likely be more enthusiastic than they were yesterday for game 6. the noise
8:36 am
in the ballpark was almost deafening. fans were swirling their orange towels about. they had a lot to cheer about. they more than quadrupled their lead in the second inning and then after that, the giants stayed ahead of the cardinals winning 6-1. ryan vogue song was the star pitcher. he struck out nine. >> we're gonna win it. we're gonna win it. i ain't got no doubt about it. >> they are resilient. they don't give up and they are awesome. >> reporter: there's still tickets for game 7 on the secondary market. we checked out some of the prices on stub hub, standing- room only tickets are about $114. that's about $40 cheaper than the standing-room tickets only for yesterday's game. you will pay more for lower box
8:37 am
and club seats. those tickets run from $300, $400 up to $2,000. you don't have to buy tickets if you don't want to, the game will be on ktvu today. the first pitch is at 5:07. back to you. >> thank you, allie. and you can watch the game right here. we'll have a special edition of the news at 4:00 p.m. and that will be frontalled immediately by the fox -- followed immediately by the fox pregame show at 4:30. a football gan who fell from an escalator during the giants' game remains in critical condition. the accident happened while he was leaving metlife stadium in new jersey. he was airlifted to a hospital. police are still investigating what caused him to fall. 8:37. the rain is causing a mess this morning. a lot of places. 80 -- 880, sal?
8:38 am
>> it's one of the worse commutes right now. mast if you are driving through, you will see it backed up near 23 all the way up through the area. southbound 880 is slow. you can see the wind is also shaking our camera and 580 is taking to the area to get to the bridge as well. you will be in a lot of slow traffic at the toll plaza, you can see the slow traffic moving through. once you get there it's about a 25-minute delay. the problem is getting there. we talked about 880. i want to show you what 880 looks like in the area. and then you can see all of the slow traffic i want to move you up here to marin county. 838. let's go to steve. our system is moving through. the front has gone through the north bay. there's actually a couple of
8:39 am
reports. there's a lot of rain. we'll start to see the system move through and then we'll get a break in between. water vapor here -- front that shows you what's going on. upstream. that will send in someone of -- one of those spokes in the wheel. i think another one comes through. one more wednesday morning. rainfall totals, pretty good. ser, 1.2. oakmont, and then 1. still an active line there from just between a moon bay, san from 2004 yo, redwood city, skyline, 280 and then over tours union city and also hayward. there's still some activity right there. you can see that lining up. you might get a break. that line is now starting to
8:40 am
form toward fremont. the system that's mopping through. tahoe is getting snow. blue canyon. actually baxter -- in between baxter and blue canyon. so if you are heading up there, chain requirements are out and winter storm requirements -- winter storm advisories until tomorrow. there will be a lot of snow up there. maybe 1 to 2. 60s on the temperatures. temperatures really kind of a moot point. they will be really cool today. into tuesday and wednesday. clearing out thursday. it does look sunny and nice fresh air. and then we'll have sunshine and warmer weather friday, saturday, probably sunday as well. 20 minutes before 9:00. there is a new alert about dog
8:41 am
treats and maybe -- that may be making the animals sick. and why the high stakes are so high for tonight's presidential debate.
8:42 am
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yahoo! will report earnings later and the government will release its report on third quarter economic growth on friday. the dow is down currently. the nasdaq is up 5. the s&p is down 1. 8:43. tonight, president obama and mitt romney will meet in florida for their third and final debate. a new "wall street journal" reports shows they are tied at 47%. the obama cam spain going on the attack just hours before the delate starts. alison? >> reporter: tori, the president has a newed a out this morning, questioning mitt romney's ability to be commander-in-chief. now, here is a look at president obama's departure from andrews air force base. tonight's debate will be
8:45 am
focused on foreign policy and the obama team is drawing the battlelines with its new tv ad. romney supporters are also on the offense this morning going on tv and arguing the president did not do enough to protect american diplomats in libya ahead of last month's attack and then botched the response. >> if it wasn't a coverup and they really can't be trusted to protect us. romney is expected to step up his argument that president obama has not been tough enough on china and that's hurting the u.s. economy. tv viewership could be down tonight because of game 7 of the world series and monday night football. back to you. let's bring you up to date
8:46 am
on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. if you want to vote in the november elections, today is your last chance to register to vote. registration forms have to be postmarked by today. if you are registering online, you have to do it by midnight. well, the giants and the cardinals will play tonight in game 7 for the right to go to the world series. last night, the giants beat the cardinals, 6-1. ryan vogelsong was incredible. nine strikeouts. giants helped him out with four runs in the 2nd inning. and the rain overnight caused flooding, car crashes and backups like this. alex savidge is live in sausalito now where a major accident is really slowing things down on 101. so what's it like right now, alex? >> reporter: well, traffic is still very slow and actually, we were stuck in the middle of this backup here. you can take a look here and see. this is 101 southbound. we're about a quarter mile north of the rodeo avenue
8:47 am
accident. and just up the road, just north of the waldo tunnel, there is a crash involving four cars with injuries and it's blocking a couple of lanes at last check. still trying to get that accident cleared you. it's caused a backup several miles north of here. on the way to that crash, we found another crash. we watched this tow trucks. we're getting these cars cleared away. it sounds like obviously they got in the backup here. they didn't leave enough room and these car smashed into each other. the first rain of the season. the oil is on the road. people need to slow down and realize that. it's wet and slick. >> have you been busy? >> no. this is the first one today
8:48 am
actually. bit -- but it's a three-car one. >> reporter: he expects to see more crashes potentially as we move throughout the morning. you can see the rain has let up here. we don't have the heavier rainfall. the roads are still very wet. a good idea to take it slow out there. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the storm is also bringing snow to the sierra-nevada. about 4 inches has already fallen in blue canyon. chains are required on interstate 8 0 where a resurfacing project is testimony po rarely on hold. there's also been problems on the east side of the sierra, including 17 big rigs. in the meantime, borriel says they may open as early as friday. today's cold rain is not expected to damp the spirits of rain -- dampen the spirits of winemakers. about 80% of the crop for the year is picked up and they kept
8:49 am
the crews out there as long as possible overnight. winery owners already say the quality is higher than the last two years -- past two years. an online petition to replace the president of the california public utilities commission is growing. the petition to remove michael peavy was started after the commission decided. organizers have collected 250 signature the so far. thousands -- signatures so far. thousands of pet owners want wagon train white turkey treats. pet owners have reported 350 pet deaths and 2200 cases of pets become ill. the fda says they can't confirm these treats are to blame. about 60,000 people have signed
8:50 am
an online chain calling on retrailers to stop selling those treats. this is school bus safety week. the chp will be teaching studentston careful when they get on and off a school bus. the theme this ther -- the theme this year, i see the driver, the driver sees me. all of the other drivers are being behinded to slow down when you see the lights. windsor is officially a bike-friendly community. windsor received a bronze award from the league of american bicyclists that is one step up from the honorable mention it received last year. neighbors healdsburg applied for a citation but did not receive one. if you want to reserve
8:51 am
picnic tables in golden gate park, there is now a smartphone app for that. san francisco recreation as and park department announced the free phone last week. it allows users to find everything. you can even reserve restrooms. the app could provide other things as well. 8:51. more bad news for lance armstrong. he's been punished again for doping. we'll tell you who did it. and sal will have a final check on the rainy monday morning commute.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
time now, 8:54. new this morning, major punishment for lance armstrong. international cycle officials just took away his seven tour de france titles and have banned him for life from cycling. the union president said he has no place in the world of cycling. the director also announced he no longer considers armstrong a seven-time char. all of this comes -- champ. all of this comes after the
8:55 am
anti-doping agency accused him and his teammates of using performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong also denies claims and says he passed hundreds of drug tests. a sexual fantasy league created by male student athletes at piedmont high school. the school's prince pam said they drafted female students to their fantasy teams and collected points for sexual atift with them. the word -- sexual activity with them. >> it's always a surprise. >> in a let there was sent to parents, the school prince pam said the -- principal has been around for about five years. this often involves pressure from older students and in some cases alcohol was involved. however, the school says no
8:56 am
disciplinary action will be taken since this happened off school ground. according to the "chronicle" police have identified a man shot by officers as 25-year-old jeremiah moore. the other man arrested, 28-year- old jason jessie. both men have said to have been naked during the incident earlier this morning on alameda drive. police say the men were in a fight when they started to break car windows and started to burn down their home. officers say they were forced to open fire when moore placed the barrel of a gun toward the officer. police say the men were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. a 19-year-old's car veered off the road. it took about eight hours before the accident was
8:57 am
reported. two men died in the crash armed the driver was seriously injured -- and the driver was seriously injured. alcohol does not appear to be involved but it would not be ruled out until toxicology tests were compete. let's go to sal. >> a lot of slow traffic. some of the slowest traffic in the east bay on 880 heading south of -- out of hayward. also up to the commute. gonna see some slow traffic this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze and in san francisco, southbound 101, still pretty busy approaching a hazard at cesar chavez. well, the front has gone through sfo and also the redwood shores. also the -- we'll get a little bit of sun. i think the game starts off all right. it's after the 6th, 7th inning
8:58 am
i'm concerned. >> oh, refully. >> it may be raining across the street -- >> so people should bring -- >> it will be okay and then you will look up and say that doesn't look real good. >> okay. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> be sure to join the news at noon for more on the season's first big storm including the possible impact on game 7 we're always here for you at -- at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. ;
8:59 am
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